ELITE CREATURE COLLECTIBLES – Brain Dead – Life Size Bust 1:1- by Akihito






AKIHITO is a uniquely talented character designer and sculptor. He has done spectacular works at KNB, ADI and Legacy Effects since 2002, and has worked on many great movies, including Transformers, Alien vs. Predator, Alice in Wonderland, Terminator 4, Pacific Rim and World War Z. The Queen Alien in Alien vs. Predator was designed and sculpted by AKIHITO.

I first created “Brain Dead” as a special-effect makeup character for Monsterpalooza 2016 in Pasadena, the biggest horror, creature and monster-makeup convention in California. I wanted to create something cool, a Japanese dark hero kind of character never seen in the movies before, since we tend not to have “dark heroes” in Japan. I hope “Brain Dead” will be a famous dark hero everyone loves in a Hollywood movie in the near future. Please enjoy this look at the “Brain Dead” bust statue. — AKIHITO

ECC PRESENTS is proud to introduce the 2nd art piece, Brain Dead life size bust from amazing sculptor and makeup artist AKIHITO.


Approximately 28 inches in height.
Approximately 22 inches in width,
Approximately 16 inches in depth.
Cast in high-quality translucent resin for a lifelike effect.
Real metal samurai sword.
Real Metal jewelry and accessories.
Handmade glass eyes.
Handmade Samurai Costume.
Attractive, themed display bases.
Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by Sculptor Akihito Ikeda.
Limited in production to 300 pieces worldwide.