ELITE CREATURE COLLECTIBLES – FRIDAY THE 13th: The Final Chapter – Jason – 1:1 Scaled Bust







Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter was directed by Joseph Zito as the fourth installment in the Friday the 13th film series. Jason Voorhees’ makeup was designed by its original creator, Makeup FX legend Tom Savani.

Elite Creature Collectibles is proud to introduce our museum-quality Jason Voorhees bust from the movie Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. This iconic villain is wearing his signature hockey mask, holding his blood-soaked machete. This museum quality bust is sculpted by Steve Wang, James Ferreira and Miyo Nakamura.

Don’t miss your chance to add Jason to your horror collection today!


  • Approximately 30.5 inches in height.
  • Approximately 26.5 inches in width.
  • Approximately 18.5 inches in depth.
  • Cast in high-quality translucent resin for a lifelike skin effect.
  • Real metal machete.
  • Removable hockey mask.
  • Attractive, themed display base.
  • Handmade glass eyes (one of them is half blind).
  • Each Certificate of Authenticity is signed by original creator Tom Savini.
  • Limited in production to 500 pieces worldwide.