TOYNAMI – Blade Runner 2049 – Tomenosuke Replica 1/1 Blaster


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First seen in the iconic 1982 movie Blade Runner, it was used to devastating effect by Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard to “retire” replicants.

Deckard is still equipped with the same blaster in the upcoming new movie Blade Runner 2049; in fact he is actually using one of these replicas! The production used some of these actual replicas when making the movie – so it is literally identical to the ones used in Blade Runner 2049!

This Officially Licensed Blade Runner Blaster is based on the previous Tomenosuke Blasters, and retains the same high quality and attention to detail.

It is offered as a fully assembled, screen accurate, finished replica, and like the previous Tomenosuke blaster is the most accurate version of this blaster ever offered!

Materials: Metal and mixed media construction.

Comes complete with 5 dummy bullets and high quality Blade Runner themed packaging.