SIDESHOW – HIGHLANDER – The Kurgan – 12 inch Figure

One of the most ancient and powerful of all the Immortals, the Kurgan is also perhaps the most ambitious as well. He will stop at nothing to win the ultimate Prize, and has waited centuries for the time of the Gathering to finally come.
A fearsome sight to behold, the Kurgan towers over average mortals and dresses in only the most menacing garb to intimidate opponents. His skin is deathly pale, his flashing eyes are pitiless, his mouth locked in a cruel grimace. The sword he carries everywhere is unmatched in strength and workmanship. The Kurgan is the perfect warrior.
In 16th Century Scotland, the Kurgan sensed that Conner MacLeod of the clan MacLeod was an Immortal and tried to kill him. He did not succeed and MacLeod indeed became an Immortal. Since that day, the Kurgan has sought to finish the job, following MacLeod to modern day New York for the Gathering, disguised as a street thug named Victor Kruger.