BANDAI – Gaiking Soul of Chogokin Power Up Option Set for GX-100 Gaiking & Daiku Maryu

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An awesome accessory set designed just for the Soul of Chogokin GX-100 Gaiking & Daikumaryu (BTN58749-7). Power up Gaiking and the Daikumaryu with superpowered weapons and gear.

Set Contents: Powered up Gaiking Part 3 (head & chest), Super weapon head and “Face Open” parts, Gaiking power up arm (L/R), Gaiking power up Countercross (L/R), Gaiking power up leg armor (L/R), Gaiking power up foot armor (L/R), Daikumaryu Big Horns, Daikumaryu Giant Cutter, Daikumaryu Miracle Drill x2, Daikumaryu Vogueye, Daikumaryu display base