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“Some moron brought a cougar to a party and it went berserk.” For long-time Chronicle fans, you may recall that one of our earliest pieces as a company was the 1:4 scale Terror Dog.The warm response we received to that piece has encouraged us to bring forward the first-ever licensed Ghostbusters 1:1 scale Terror Dog Wall Mount Bust. Yes, you read that correctly, Chronicle Collectibles is making a life-size Terror Dog Wall Mount Bust! With our 1:1 Terror Dog Wall Mount Bust, you can finally show off your diehard love of Ghostbusters. The film’s charming mix of horror and humor made it an undeniable classic for the ages. Our goal was to make a high-end life-size piece that you would be incredibly proud to own that really captures some of the essence of the film. And what better way than to focus on the pivotal creatures that possessed Louis Tully and Dana Barrett? Like the previous 1:4 scale release, this life-size bust will include two sets of horns so that you can display the Terror Dog as Vinz Clortho or as Zuul. Of course, we won’t blame you a bit if you decide you need to order two 1:1 Terror Dog Wall Mount Busts for the ultimate Ghostbusters display. This stunning 1:1 Terror Dog Wall Mount Bust was molded directly from a screen-used puppet anactor wore for the live-action shots. The bust includes a red LED light-up eye feature that is remote controlled with a key fob-style controller. The light-up function is battery powered, with the battery compartment accessible on the back panel of the bust. Intended for wall or vertical surface mounting, this bust will be the definitive piece for any Ghostbusters collection.

Dimensioni: 61 cm x 76 cm x 61 cm   (LxWxH )