PRIME 1 – Aliens Premium Masterline Series Statue Warrior Alien Deluxe Bonus Version



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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the Warrior Alien diorama statue. Behold the primary assault organism of the Xenomorph race and now a part of our Premium Masterline Series!

The Xenomorphs are an endoparisitoid extraterrestrial species with no higher goals than the propagation and self-preservation of their species. All they know is KILL and SURVIVE. They can use humans as hosts by forcefully laying eggs down their stomach and violently bursting through their chest. Going from adolescence to adulthood in a matter of hours. They are monstrosities with acidic blood and strike horror in all that they face.

Take a look at the Warrior Alien Deluxe version here. Paired with its brethren face-hugger in an egg. The Aliens Ovomorph crafted with perfect attention to detail, with the DX version allowing for an open or closed egg cocoon switchout. It’s adult counterpart sinistrously stands 26 inches tall and ready to kill. Its skin glossy, with the alien head producing that “mechanical” feel. Notice the hole in the ground from their acidic blood. This base tells the story of a ship becoming overrun by the terrifying Xenomorphs. Pre-Order on Prime 1 Studio website early and receive an exclusive bonus item M41A Pulse Rifle. We have put everything into recreating the best Xenomorph image and is a must-have for Alien fans everywhere.

Product Specifications:

– Statue Size: 67 x 75 x 77
– Egg Stand Size: 28.5 x 26.9 x 26.8 cm
– Head Stand Size: 32.1 x 18.7 x 30.7 cm
– One (1) designed theme base
– One (1) Closed Ovomorph Egg stand
– One (1) Warrior Alien base bust stand
– One (1) interchangeable Open-Mouth Head
– One (1) interchangeable Closed-Mouth Head
– Two (2) interchangeable inner mouth (Short & Long)
– One (1) M41A Pulse Rifle [Prime1 Exclusive Bonus Item]

Limited Edition.

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