PRIME 1 STUDIO – EVIL DEAD 2: Dead by Dawn – Ash Williams 1:3 Scale Statue



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‘Groovy!’ – Ash’s signature line

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the 1:3 scale MMED2-01: Ash Williams statue from Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Ashley Joanna Williams also known as Ash is the anti-hero protagonist of the Evil Dead series, played by Bruce Campbell, and created by director Sam Raimi. Ash is one of the few non-monster characters in the ‘Horror’ genre to have such notoriety and most easily recognized based on his final iconic appearance armed with a sawed-off double barrel shotgun and a chainsaw strapped to the stump on his right arm where his hand once was. Capturing the likeness and details of Bruce Campbell, this Museum Masterline 1:3 scale statue of Ash Williams comes with an additional alternate portrait stepping on a trap door with Henrietta trying to escape from the cabin cellar floor. The Exclusive version of MMED2-01EX: Ash Williams includes an extra alternate exclusive portrait. Evil Dead fans don’t miss your chance to own Ash with his infamous chainsaw and his sawed-off double barrel shotgun!

Product Specifications:
Statue Size approximately 38 inches tall [(H):96cm (W):60.5cm (D):67.6cm].
One (1) designed theme base.
Two (2) alternate Portrait.