QUANTUM MECHANIX – STAR TREK – Captain’s Kirk Chair – 1/6 Scale Collectibles 50th Anniversary


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Continuing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS), QMx delivers the original Enterprise Captain’s Chair 1:6th scale authentic prop replica. Captain Kirk, or the designated officer in command, would direct ship operations from this seat of power on the original Enterprise during its five-year mission across the final frontier of space. Developed with QMx’s Star Trek 1:6th scale collectible figures in mind, this replica of the most famous chair in TV history is authentically styled after the original set prop. It features multiple light and sound configurations and swivels on its base just like the full-size prop. Powered either by two AA batteries (not included) or through a USB plug (cord not included), this Captain’s Chair replica has four different light and sound display settings. Press the button disguised as a computer disk and the chair cycles through the lights and sounds for: standard bridge operations, ship wide announcement, view screen scanning and red alert. Display this classic TV icon either with the QMx 1:6th scale James T. Kirk collectible figure or on its own – it is an instantly recognizable collectible that will be the perfect desk display for any discerning Trek fan.

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