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QUARANTINE STUDIOS – Bettie Page Statue 1/5



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Pre-order: 07-11-2023
Available 2024 Q2


I am a bit too young to have been there when Bettie exploded onto the scene back in the 1950s. But you have to have been living under a rock to not know the name, Bettie Page. Even 70 years since her heyday, she continues to inspire painters, sculptors, illustrators -not to mention fashion and hairstyles-around the world.”

-Tony Cipriano, sculptor.

It’s true, the name Bettie Page is synonymous with the sexy, sultry, girl-next-door look. We wanted to capture that look in our first collectible statue of this incredible woman and Tony Cipriano was just the artist we were looking for. He did an amazing job of not only capturing Bettie’s likeness but also designing a pose that is just so Bettie. Working from photos provided by the estate of Bettie Page, Tony captured the essence of this icon in a remarkable 1/5 scale 3D rendering that you can own.

Clothed in black lingerie and bearing a wholesome smile, this statue captures both the naughty and nice sides of Bettie Page. The riding crop is held under just enough little tension to titillate even the most discerning of viewers. Her long and shapely legs are wrapped in sheer stockings and stand atop classic black patent leather pumps. But perhaps the most captivating feature is those amazing blue eyes framed by her trademark bangs. This Quarantine Studios collectible is definitely a statue that will be difficult to resist and will make a handsome addition to your collection.