SENTINEL – Super Robot Wars Diecast Action Figure Riobot Dygenguar

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ETA: FINE 10/2024


“Dygenguar the warrior takes the field!
The latest entry in the Sentinel x Super Robot Wars OG lineup!

Dygenguar, First Unit of the Dynamic General Guardians and Sanger Zonvolt’s trusted mech, has joined the RIOBOT toy line!!

Under the complete supervision of Mr. Takanobu Terada, the design of this figure is skillfully made into a fully articulated figure based on the specifications and cut-in animations of the game by Mr.Takao Kinoshita. It elaborates on the original setting while making the intricate curves and lines applicable to physical form.

The armored samurai-like form is brought to life with attractive metallic coloring and glossy red, giving it a solid finishing.

The main figure is about 330mm in height and Sanshiki Zankantou (deployed) is about 460mm in length, which is truly massive in volume and scope!

The figure is able to support such huge weapon with ease through diecast parts and ratchet joints and has a wide range of articulation to pull off the various action poses from the game.

Dygenguar also comes with an assortment of facial expression parts and can light up through magnet-controlled LEDs, expressing the appeal of this warrior god to the fullest. Experience for yourself the ultimate Dygenguar!”


– Main Figure
– Face Part (Normal x3, LED x3)
– Sanshiki Zankantou (normal)
– Sanshiki Zankantou (deployed)
– Blade Soul (*Magnetic LED Controller)
– Sanshiki Zankantou supporting part x6
– Dynamic Knuckle connecting part x2
– Display Base
– Button Cell (for test use)

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