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IMC Stryder:
– model stands ~20inches tall.
– incredibly detailed with over 100 articulation parts.
– real pistons control the movement of the waist.
– comes with Plasma Railgun. (detachable ammo drum)
– fully-operable hatch opens to reveal cockpit.
– movable armor plates on both torso & legs.
– light up feature for top, hips, afterburner with interchangeable red & blue color.
– articulated left side multiple missile launcher
– articulated fingers.
– 3A X 2 batteries (batteries not included)6″ pilot:
– fully-posable 6 inches IMC Close Quarter Pilot figure, which can be positioned inside the cockpit.
– pilot figure comes with detailed armor parts, with CAR101 and fabric clothing.
– detailed paint application and weathering on fully articulated 6″ (15.2 cm) tall pilot. hard to believe that such a level of details is achieved on 6″ tall figure.Product gewicht: 1850 gram
Product afmetingen: 200 mm x 210 mm x 600 mm (LxBxH)